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Cavity Fire Stop / Ventilated Fire Barrier

Cavity Fire Stop

Used under ventilated facades to add a layer of fire protection without compromising normal airflow. Tested in both combustible timber frame and non combustible constructions. Fire stop material for installation behind ventilated external wall systems. Allows air circulation in normal conditions but, in the event of a fire, expands to seal the ventilated cavity and stops the passage of flames and smoke.

  • 30 to 120 minutes rating (depends on seal version and building construction materials)
  • For Horizontal or Vertical fixing.
  • Fire & Age Tested
  • Independently tested to BS standards
  • 25mm to 125mm cavity gap size solutions.
  • Tested on Timber and Masonry external wall systems.


  • Sold in 1m lengths.
  • Available in three types, all using high expansion intumescent strip material.
  • Self-adhesive backed and finished with an aluminium foil for weather protection, rapidity of activation and char durability once activated.

1) 35mm x 4mm x1000mm encased in aluminium foil

  • Maximum cavity size; 25mm
  • Maximum free area; 83%
  • Fire ratings:
  • Minimum 30 minutes in Timber Structures
  • 120 minutes in Non-Combustible Structures

Product Code: AFFRCLAD35 | Prices From: £8.17 £6.81 (ex. VAT)

2)  75mm x 6mm x1000mm encased in aluminium foil

  • Maximum cavity size; 50mm
  • Maximum free area; 87%
  • Fire ratings:
  • Minimum 30 minutes in Timber Structures,
  • 90 minutes on cement board
  • 120 minutes in Non-Combustible Structures

Product Code: AFFRCLAD75 | Prices From: £20.34 £16.95 (ex. VAT)


3) 50mm x 50m x1000mm encapsulated in red polythene

  • Maximum cavity size: 125mm
  • Maximum free area: 60%
  • Fire ratings:
  • Minimum 30 minutes in Timber Structures
  • Minimum 30 minutes fitted between Phenolic Insulation
  • Polythene wrapped and can be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • Fixing spikes provided.

Product Code: AFFRCLAD5050 | Prices From: £27.54 £22.95 (ex. VAT)

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