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Putty Pad Alternative - Socket Box Liner

Intumescent socket box inserts.
Intumescent socket box inserts.


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Product Description:

Intuchem Socket Box Liners are a quick and simple alternative to putty pads, can be fitted in seconds and are fire and acoustic rated.

Tested to BS EN 1363-1 | 1364-1 for up to 120 mins.
Acoustic tested BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997
Air leakage tested to BS EN 1026:2000 over a pressure range of 2-50 Pa.

Metal Wall Box Installation

Plastic Wall Box Installation

The socket box liners have been developed to provide maximum fire protection combined with ease of fitting for wall penetrations created by the introduction of single or double recessed switch / socket boxes.

Socket box liner dimensions conform to the most common single & double switch / socket sizes.

Single or double switch / socket box sizes available in standard depth of 35mm or extra deep 47mm.


Fully fire certified

Restores wall's acoustic and thermal properties

For retro-fit or new build

Liners are pre-formed to fit all common socket box types.

Two depth sizes available - 35mm or 47mm

Simple and fast mechanical fixing, no adhesives, no mess

Liners can be removed and replaced for wiring changes

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