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Insulated Pipe Sleeve

Insulated Pipe Sleeve


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In a fire the sleeve expands, filling the space between the pipe and the wall / floor penetration. The expanding sleeve crushes plastic pipes, closing them and forming a solid char, to prevent fire and smoke passing to the adjacent compartment. No additional metal sleeving or lining out of the partition aperture required.

Suitable for a wide range of plastic, copper and mild steel pipes (see table below). Can also be fitted flush to the wall for a clean line solution. Tested to BS476: Part 20 and to BS EN 1366-3. The Insulated Pipe Sleeve has a 2 Hour Fire Rating, is CE marked and has an excellent Acoustic Insulation. The Pipe Sleeve Length ranges from 300mm with a Wall thickness of 27mm and can be cut to length.

Tested in plasterboard partition, mineral fibre batt, solid walls and floors. Tested on the following pipe sizes to BS 476 Part 20 and BS EN 1366-3 for up to 2 hours.

BS 476 part 20

Copper 12mm - 160mm 2 hours
Stainless Steel 15mm - 160mm 2 hours
Mild Steel 15mm - 165mm 2 hours
Cast Iron 15mm- 160mm 2 hours
PVC 55mm- 110mm
2 hours
90 mins
Polybutylene 12mm - 28mm 2 hours
HDPE 15mm - 160mm 2 hours

EN 1366-3

Metal 15mm - 158mm EI 120 Wall
Metal 159mm E120 EI30 Wall
PVC 43mm - 160mm EI 120 min wall & floor
HDPE 40mm - 110mm 120 min wall & floor
HDPE 160mm EI 90 wall / EI 120 floor

All sleeves have been tested with a 25mm nominal wall thickness. Sleeves have been tested cut flush to the wall for metal pipes only and floor for metal and plastic pipes. Sleeves have also been tested in walls, for plastic pipes, leaving 25mm exposed for connection to standard pipe insulation.

The sleeve is simple to install, easy to cut and one sleeve can replace two collars. For metal pipes the sleeve may also be fitted flush to the wall for a clean line solution.

Test Matrix - BS 476 and / or BS EN 1366-3 for 120mins

Pipe Material Diameter Blockwork Wall Solid Floor Mineral batt Plasterboard Wall
COPPER 15mm - 160mm
CAST IRON 15mm - 160mm
MILD STEEL 15mm - 160mm
STAINLESS STEEL 15mm - 160mm
PVC 55mm - 110mm
PVC 160mm
PVC-U 15mm - 160mm
HDPE 15mm - 160mm * *

* HDPE 160mm limited to EI90

  • BS476 part 20, 2 hour rated at Chiltern International Fire 132 minutes integrity and insulation BS EN 1366-3.
  • Acoustically Tested in plasterboard to BS EN ISO 140-3 and BS EN ISO 717:1977


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