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Electrical Fire Protection Products

Easy to install, fully certified products to restore and maintain the integrity of fire walls and fire rated ceilings when lights or wall sockets are installed.

Intumescent Fire Pillows
Intumescent Fire Pillows Up to 4 hours fire integrity | Fire Pillows tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987 | Protects cable trays & ducts etc. | 4 sizes | Re-usable | Dust free | Carcinogen free.
Fire Stop Block
Fire Stop Block An alternative to fire pillows : Tested BS EN 1363-1:1999 up to 2 hours : Cut to size on site.
Putty Pad Alternative - Socket Box Liner
Putty Pad Alternative - Socket Box Liner Easy to install putty pad alternative | Tested to BS EN 1363-1 | BS EN 1364-1 for up to 120 mins | Pre-formed to fit all common socket box types | Single and Double socket sizes available | Effective acoustic barrier.
Downlighter Fire Hood
Downlighter Fire Hood Fire Hoods for down-lighters to retain the integrity of fire rated ceilings.
Luminaire Fire Hood
Luminaire Fire Hood An easy to fit canopy used to fire protect recessed luminaire lights in fire rated ceilings. Stops the passage of smoke and fire through suspended ceiling lighting panels.
Loft Cone
Loft Cone A fire resistant solution for common downlights. The Loft Cones are simple to install that are placed over the light fittings. Suitable for aluminium and dichroic reflector lamps up to a max. 50W .
Ceiling Air Valves
Ceiling Air Valves Fits and works like a normal air valve but is fire rated : Air flow is unaffected by fire resistant inserts : Easily retro-fitted to replace existing valves.
Ductwork Firestop
Ductwork Firestop Vent Duct Fire Sleeves | 2hr fire rated | Excellent acoustic insulation | Fitting only requiring access from one side | No special tools or skills needed.