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Acoustic Seal - Door Bottom - Rebate Fit

Automatic drop-down action door bottom seal.
Automatic drop-down action door bottom seal. Automatic drop-down action door bottom seal. Automatic drop-down action door bottom seal.


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Door Bottom Seals - Rebate Fitting

Automatic drop-down action acoustic rated door bottom seal -  spring loaded to lift clear of the floor when the door is opened by a few millimetres. Rebated seal fits into a 28mm x 13mm groove cut into the bottom edge of the door. Tested for durability 200,000 cycles completed without failure for fire rated smoke doors. Suitable for all types of wooden doors. 14mm maximum drop, Graduated Scissor action (seal drops on hinge side before lock side).
  • Noise Reduction Index up to Rw 42 dB*
  • Min/Max Gap: 3mm - 13mm.
  • Seal Lengths: 330mm, 430mm, 530mm, 630mm, 730mm, 830mm, 930mm, 1030mm, 1130mm.
  • Maximum trimming: 50mm - 330mm | 125mm - 430mm | 150mm - 530mm to 1130mm.
  • Aluminium carrier
  • Seal easily removed to prevent damage during installation.

* The sound reduction rating will vary depending on the door density and any additional threshold & perimeter seals used in conjunction with this product. Seals have been tested without threshold plates and also straight down to carpet.


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